A short video showing some of our ministries at Abiding Christ. Music courtesy of Youtube.

Our Values...

1. We are Scripture driven and Spirit led.

     a.  The Word is at the center of our worship            life, delivered by the power of the Spirit. 

2. We are Sacramental.

     b.  As a privilege of baptism, we celebrate             the Lord's supper at every gathering.                 Our table is open to any baptized

          Christian accepting the Real Presence of

          Christ in the bread and the wine.

3. We are diverse.

     a.  We welcome guests, for us hospitality is

           a lifestyle, not just a word, 

​4. We are compassionate.  

    a.   we care for our fellowship through

          service, prayer and support

     b.  we care for our community through

          outreach, mission and education.

​5. We care about Faith Formation.

     a. Beginning with baptism, we embark

         on an intentional and lifelong journey of

         learning and discipleship.

6.  We strive for excellence in everything.

     a. And that means EVERYTHING!