MAP Missional Assessment Profile

Our consulting partner, Kairos and Associates, has developed a new assessment instrument that we will use as a part of our discernment for calling a pastor, planning the future. It is an instrument designed to provide for us a clear picture of how our faith community experiences our mission, the effectiveness of our ministry initiatives and our capacities in moving forward in new and renewed ways.  The tool, called the Missional Assessment Profile (MAP), will provide key indicators of our congregational health along with areas of challenge and potential growth.  It will help us to collect and understand the range of views that exist for our congregation and the possibilities, willingness, capacity and excitement for moving our ministry into the future. The results will also help our leadership determine objectives and direction for next year’s ministry and beyond.

We will ask every member of our congregation 16 and older to participate in the MAP survey.  Answering the questions will take about 15-20 minutes.  You will be encouraged to take the survey online.  Hard copies will also be available for those who are not comfortable using computers.  It is important to know that all survey responses will be anonymous. The survey link will be open for your response from Feb 11th through Mar 4th.  (It is important to note that once you launch the survey link you will need to complete it in one sitting. There is no option to save your survey after you have started).

We hope that participating in the assessment will get you thinking about where God is calling our ministry into the future—and help you celebrate the great things going on with our ministry today.  Detailed instructions about participating in the MAP survey analysis will be coming soon.  Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this assessment and for helping to build our future together.